House Shaped Signs Tutorial DIY


I am so excited to share my House Shaped Sign Tutorial with you guys! I hope that I can write this clear enough that you can see how I made them!

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Shopping for supplies to complete this House Shaped Sign Tutorial

I got a 6″x1″ board at Home Depot. I got it from the damaged wood section because it had a crack in the middle! I got it for $5. It was a major score! The roof for the house shaped signs are made from a 1×2.

How to cut the roof shape

Then when I got home, I cut the board into pieces that were as tall as I wanted the house to be. Then I moved the miter saw (here is a link to similar one) to 45 to cut the top at a 45 degree angle.

House Shaped Sign Tutorial
You can see that I unscrewed the front knob and moved the little green arrow to the 45

Then I lined the piece up and made a cut.

House Shaped Sign Tutorial
after the 1st cut

Then I turned it over and lined it up to make a second cut to create the roof line.

House Shaped Sign Tutorial

Then I had to make cuts for the roof. I cut a 2″x1″ one time while the saw was set to the 45. Then I moved the saw back to 0 and cut again to create the little chimney piece.

House Shaped Sign Tutorial
2×1 cut at 45
House Shaped Sign Tutorial
the little chimney piece finished.

Next, I took the 2×1 and measured the first part of the roof.

House Shaped SIgn Tutorial

Here in the picture, you can see that I let a the piece hang over a little bit so it really looks like a roof! Where I’m holding the pen is where I marked and cut.

House Shaped Sign Tutorial

The picture above shows how I lined things up to mark the second piece! After I got a line with my pen, I made my last cut.

House Shaped Sign Tutorial

Here is how the pieces will fit together.

Paint and Putting it Together

My next task was to paint! I used a white paint (recommended white paint) for the body of the house and I used Aged Wood Accelerator from Varathane (here is a link to the grey version) for the roof pieces. Then I used a brad nailer (here is a brad nailer similar to mine) and some 1 1/4″ brad nails to put them together.

House Shaped Sign Tutorial
It you look close, you can see little sliver dots where I nailed the roof on

I put 2 nails in each piece to make the roof and 2 nails in the left side of the chimney to hold it all together.

House Shaped Sign Tutorial
I nailed the short side on, then the longer side then the chimney last.
House Shaped Sign Tutorial

I added vinyl to them very last! I used Matte Black Oracal 651! It really took them over the top! I’m so happy with how cute they turned out! Seriously, everyone needs at least one of these! Check out my Miniature Haunted House Tutorial based off this pattern and my Farmhouse Christmas Barn Tutorial to make a cute Christmas Village!

House Shaped Sign Tutorial
House Shaped Sign Tutorial

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