Farmhouse Christmas Barn Tutorial

I am so excited that it is finally Christmas time! I love this time of the year! I had some time to window shop in a few stores this year and farmhouse-Christmas fills the stores! I really loved some wood signs I saw that were shaped like a barn and a church house. I thought they would be so cute with the wood houses I have already made (tutorial here) to create a Christmas Village. I came home and did some experimenting to make a barn.

I started with a scrap piece of 1×12. Farmhouse Christmas Barn Tutorial

Next, I used my miter saw and unscrewed the front knob and moved the saw over to the 45 marking. I made one cut on either side of the board so it looked like this.Farmhouse Christmas Barn Tutorial

It doesn’t matter if it looks perfect at the point because you’ll have to make 2 more cuts to make the barn shape. I moved my miter saw back a little to the 22.5 marking. I just eye balled the cuts to make a point at the top of the roof. If I could go back, I’d use a pencil and find the center and make a straight line down so that I could see where the top cuts should be easily. Here is what it looked like when I was done cutting.Farmhouse Christmas Barn Tutorial

I really love the grain of the wood, but I really wanted a red barn! I used some red paint and painted the whole thing. Then I used some stencil vinyl (you can buy some here) to cut the pattern for the barn doors. I used some white paint to get the barn door look. Farmhouse Christmas Barn Tutorial

After I peeled it off, I wanted to add a little Christmas ribbon to make it really cute! I made the small wreath by cutting off about 5 inches of a Dollar Tree garland that I had from last year. I know they have them still this year, but I’m sure any faux garland could be clipped and used to make this! Then I cut about 2 inches of ribbon and cut the ends. I gathered up the ribbon in the center and put it on the top of the garland and used a staple gun to attach the ribbon and garland to the board.Farmhouse Christmas Barn Tutorial

Hopefully, this picture makes the writing a little more clear!

That is all I did to make this cute barn! I would love to make a little Christmas Village out of wood signs! It would be so darn cute! I just need to figure out a cute church and I’ll be on my way! What do you think?

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Farmhouse Christmas Barn Tutorial
Farmhouse Christmas Barn Tutorial


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