House Shaped Signs

I don’t think it’s a secret that I love little houses! I love LOVE love them! I love wood signs! I love using a saw and nail gun! Basically this project is a win on all sides!

I hope that I can write this clear enough that you can see how I made them!

I got a 6″x1″ board at Home Depot. I got it from the damaged wood section because it had a crack in the middle! I got it for $5. It was a major score!

Then when I got home, I cut the board into pieces that were as tall as I wanted the house to be. Then I moved the miter saw to 45 to cut the top at a 45 degree angle.

You can see that I unscrewed the front knob and moved the little green arrow to the 45

Then I lined the piece up and made a cut.

after the 1st cut

Then I turned it over and lined it up to make a second cut to create the roof line.

Then I had to make cuts for the roof. I cut a 2″x1″ one time while the saw was set to the 45. Then I moved the saw back to 0 and cut again to create the little chimney piece.

2×1 cut at 45
the little chimney piece finished.

Next, I took the 2×1 and measured the first part of the roof.

Here in the picture, you can see that I let a the piece hang over a little bit so it really looks like a roof! Where I’m holding the pen is where I marked and cut.

The picture above shows how I lined things up to mark the second piece! After I got a line with my pen, I made my last cut.

Here is how the pieces will fit together.

My next task was to paint! I used a white paint for the body of the house and I used Aged Wood Accelerator from Varathane for the roof pieces. Then I used a brad nailer and some 1 1/4″ brad nails to put them together.

It you look close, you can see little sliver dots where I nailed the roof on

I put 2 nails in each piece to make the roof and 2 nails in the left side of the chimney to hold it all together.

I nailed the short side on, then the longer side then the chimney last.

I added vinyl to them very last! It really took them over the top! I’m so happy with how cute they turned out! I am going to be selling these at a craft fair coming up soon! Follow my Facebook page and Instagram page for information on how you can have a fun night out AND take one of these cute signs home! Seriously, everyone needs at least one of these! Check out my Miniature Haunted House Tutorial based off this pattern!


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