Free SVG Bundle

Is your cutting machine still in the box?

I get that cutting machines (Silhouette is my favorite) can be so intimidating! The programs seem complicated and I HATE hate HATE ruining expensive materials (I’m looking at you glitter paper).

After a lot of google searches and hours of experimenting, I have become really comfortable creating cut files, and I want to share them with you!

If you’re just starting to be brave enough to open the box (JUST DO IT), I can take some of the stress off by sharing some of my cut files with you! All you have to do is download, open, and cut (trace and cut for my basic edition Silhouette Studio users).  I also have so many tutorials to help you get out all the project ideas stored in your head.


If you’re still needing more, you can get the coupon to my Etsy shop and buy a few cut files! I am always adding new files, so you’ll want to sign up on my email list to get notified when I launch new ones!

I hope you end with a project that you love and that you’ll find me in Instagram and share your successes with me!

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