Thrift Store Cathedral Window

When I was on my regular shopping trip to check all my local thrift stores for treasure, I stumbled upon these beauties! I found them tucked behind some filing cabinets! It’s almost like clouds parted and the light shone directly on them!

Someone (in the 90’s I think) welded these beautiful cathedral window shapes together, added some metal ivy, painted it black, and then sponged on some green paint. Bless their hearts! I guess these were made for outside because they were pretty dirty!

My husband used a wire cutter and cut off the ivy and I spray painted them a dark grey!

pile of sad metal ivy
after spray paint

Then once they dried, I brought them inside and added a wreath to one of them. I got the wreath to hang on it by bending a paper clip so it would hook around the wreath and then over the metal!

I just used a wreath that I had at home, so I am thinking I will get a different wreath so they will both match! I don’t know exactly where they’ll go in my house! Where would you put them? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Thrift Store Cathedral Window”

    1. I love the dark gray. The live looking wreath is a great finishing touch. You could mount them on a wall that needs a window or they would look super cute on either side of your front door, or mine! LOL

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