Greeting Cards for a Social Distanced Halloween

Bills, credit card offers, and fast-food advertisements flood our mailboxes daily. It seems just when we are about to give-up checking our mail forever, we receive a personalized card from a friend or family member that makes checking the mail absolutely worth it. Anyone else besides me love getting “actual” mail?

Throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, several of our loved ones have felt lonely, anxious, and depressed. So, what better way to cheer someone up than by sending them a holiday card? Whether you are social distancing this Halloween or just know someone who is, a special card could really help brighten someone’s holiday.

I have created the cutest Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Fall greeting card printables with matching stickers to help everyone celebrate the holidays this year. I’ve posted the printable cards in my Etsy shop along with sticker options that you can make!

Leave a comment below and tell me what your family is doing for social distancing during the holidays? Or if you aren’t planning on social distancing, what are you doing to support your loved ones who are?

Our family decided to change our Halloween traditions this year, and It has been a tough decision because I want my kids to have a great, memorable Halloween.

We decided that we would trick-or-treat to a few family members, watch a Halloween movie, make treats, and dress-up. Plus, a couple days before we will sit together as a family and write/decorate our Halloween cards, address them, and mail them.

My kids love decorating and writing letters to family! I think it will really get them in the Halloween spirit. I am also planning on buying a couple fun Halloween crafts for my kids to do!

Of course, we’ll make sugar cookies! Then carve some pumpkins! I am also planning on getting a Jack-o-lantern pizza from our local pizza shop.

Anyone else have any fun suggestions? Let me know.
I hope you will enjoy these cards as much as my family will.

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