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Wood Bead Kit

Acrylic Ornaments

Glitter Set

Oil Based Paint Markers


Etched Glass Vinyl

I get all my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl! Here is my link for their website

I’ll keep this list updated because it has been so fun to make ornaments!

Here are my ornament ideas!

Is it too soon to discuss Christmas decorations? I hope not, because I have already started making ornaments for my tree. I’ve heard a lot about DIY acrylic ornaments this year, and I wanted to try making them myself. After making a few, I’ve become obsessed. They can be personalized and so FUN to make. 

If you have ever dreamed of making DIY ornaments for your Christmas tree, then keep reading. These ornaments are easy to make and can be personalized to your taste. Plus, it is a wonderful craft to help bring the holiday spirit into your home and heart.

Last year, I made my own wooden ornaments with a lathe. They were quite labor intensive, so I didn’t end up making that many. However, they were beautiful. If you want to see my tree and lathe ornament blogpost from last year, click here. 

I enjoyed making my own ornaments last year, but the wooden ornaments were more time consuming than I had intended. With three kids at home, I needed something a little simpler. Cue: Acrylic Ornaments! Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been trying out different design techniques. I’ve definitely had some successes and failures. As any true crafter knows, that is just how it goes! 

I started out by buying acrylic blanks by Our Laser Cuts on Amazon.  They are an amazing deal, and you can get different quantities and sizes. 

My first thought after receiving the rounds in the mail was: GLITTER! I don’t know about you, but I definitely associate glitter with Christmas. 

I used layers of modge podge (glossy) and glitter to cover the entire acrylic round. 

I also tried a painted one with Martha Stewart’s Sea Glass paint (I didn’t like it, whoops). 

Here are my first few attempts: 

Round #1: 

I definitely liked the thick glitter best, but it took longer to dry. 

For my second attempt in ornament making, I tried to make patterns with glitter. To do this, I made vinyl stencils using my Silhouette machine. I put the stencil on the ornament, then did a layer of modge podge, layer of glitter, then another layer of modge podge. I recommend taking the stencil off before the final layer of modge podge is dry to avoid smudging. 

Round #2: 

For my third ornament making session, I used glass etch vinyl.  The brand I used was  Expressions Vinyl, and it works just like regular vinyl. I love it. It gives the ornaments that cozy, winter feel.  If you are not big into glitter, then I’d definitely recommend this style. 

Round #3

Finally, for my 4th and 5th ornament crafting session, I used paint and this new holographic glitter I found off Amazon. I like to go to a paint store, so that I can buy a paint sample that is exactly the color I want. I used a heating gun off of Amazon to dry the paint between each coat. Then, I put a cute vinyl decal on the front. 

I also purchased this holographic glitter from Amazon, and it is so cute. I followed the same steps as Round #1, but I definitely think this is better quality glitter. 

Round 4 & 5: 

Needless to say, I am having a blast creating my own Christmas ornaments.  I cannot wait to put them on my tree this year. If you are creating DIY ornaments, then I want to see them! So, please tag me in your Christmas instagram posts (@craftingwithbrenna). 

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Happy Crafting!

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