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I wasn’t supposed to put beef in the trifle?!

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ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Calling all crafty, fall-loving people!

         With Thanksgiving fast approaching and the spirit of giving floating in the air, I decided to create something special for all of you. Best of all, it’s FREE and FALL-themed. Can life get any better? Unless pumpkin pie and homemade whip cream are involved, I don’t think so.  If you are looking for that perfect Thanksgiving SVG file, then I have some holiday-tastic (that’s a word, right?) options for you. 

        This SVG design was inspired by one of my (and pretty much everyone else’s) favorite sit-coms. Can you guess which one? 

Yep, that’s right…F.R.I.E.N.D.S! 

Some of my favorite moments from that show happened on the holiday episodes. Although I don’t think anything is as iconic as Phoebe’s “Smelly Cat” song or Ross yelling “Pivot” in the stairwell, Rachel making the dessert trifle with beef is a classic comedic moment. 

While I’ve never done anything as horrific as putting beef in my dessert, I have had my share of  botched Thanksgiving meals. My family still eats the burnt pie crusts, but that doesn’t take away the frustrating feeling I get when I burn the glorious pumpkin pie! I always feel like people are going to take one bite and say, “It tastes like feet!” (Thanks a lot, Ross!)  Thanksgiving would be less stressful if  people were as easy to please as Joey. After eating Rachel’s pie he said, “What’s not to like? Custard: good. Jam: good. Meat: good!”  That makes me laugh every time! 

So if you feel a little overwhelmed when making Thanksgiving dinner this year, remember at least you didn’t put the beef in the trifle. I highly recommend making this SVG file into a towel to hang in your kitchen, so that you can remind yourself that you are doing better than you think! To download my SVG file, click here!

Click here to Download my Free Cut File

Now because Thanksgiving is all about giving, I actually have joined together with my friends to giveaway even more free SVG files. Not only can you have the one I made, but you can have access to 11 other great designs. If you want to make your house look amazing this Thanksgiving, then look no further because these designs are #goals.

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I hope all of you enjoy your fall weather with your  warm, cozy blankets and cute pumpkin porches. This is just the beginning of my cute and easy ideas for the holidays. So, sign-up here for my newsletter list. That way you don’t miss out on any of my holiday crafting fun! Plus, there are more freebies to come. 

Also, feel free to message me your disaster Thanksgiving meal stories. We can commiserate together! 

Happy Holidays!

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