My Favorite Halloween Crafts

This is my second year of blogging, so basically it’s a party!

I am so excited for Halloween this year and I have some awesome Halloween decor ideas that I am wanting to share!

So this week, you’ll get a round up of my Halloween posts from last year and the Halloween outside decor that I have already made this year. First I listed my favorite posts from last year and then at the end I posed my videos for this year. You’ll get the details to make an Eyeball Wreath, Giant Spider, and a Giant Spider Egg Sack.

My house is so decked out in spider decorations that I found a tarantula in my house today! True Story. Also note, that the Eyeball wreath is really cute, but I happen to live where it is still 95 degrees in the afternoon so the hot glue won’t hold. That problem can be solved by using e6000 glue or cutting holes in the back of the eyeballs and stick in some Halloween lights.

1- Haunted House Sign

This post has a video tutorial and a written tutorial. I think it is so cute and fun to make!

2- Halloween Bat Countdown

This is one of my favorite pieces of Halloween decor I’ve made! It was made out of desperation to get my kids to quit asking me how many days until Halloween, and turned out so cute!

Cut Paper with a Silhouette Cameo

3- Happy Halloween Sign made with a Dollar Tree game

This one was so fast and fun!

4- Halloween Cut Files

Halloween Stickers

Halloween Cut File Blog hop

5- Outside Halloween Decor from this year!

First is the eyeball wreath!

Eyeball Wreath

Then the giant spider tutorial

Giant Spider with Dollar Tree Supplies

Last, here is the tutorial for the giant spider egg sack.

Spider Egg Sack

I hope you love all this spooky content and keep checking in this month to find more. If you really like my videos, you can also find more content on my TikTok, CraftingwithBrenna.

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