Vinyl Countertop Update

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Vinyl Countertop UpdateI have seen so many posts about updating counter tops with contact paper/vinyl.

My counter tops are burned and pretty ugly, so I really need an update!

I decided to try marble because it would match my kitchen the best. What you’ll need for this project:

I have seen really affordable marble contact paper, but I decided to go with one that is a little more expensive. It has an air release layer so the vinyl doesn’t hold air bubbles underneath. I hate when vinyl has trapped bubbles underneath! This has worked really great.

Here is the link to the vinyl I used. Make sure you have measured your counters so you get the right amount.

Another tip for when you’re buying vinyl, is to look for something that is wide enough for your counter tops. I didn’t and I have a seam down the middle. You can see it really well when you are working at the counter, but when you take a step back it isn’t noticeable at all.

All I did for the process was to clean the counter tops really well with disinfecting wipes. Next I rolled out the vinyl to match the length of the countertop and cut with scissors. Then I peeled the backing off from one side and slowly pulled it out while I smoothed the top. Luckily, I have a video saved on my Instagram! Go here to see the video! I smoothed it down the sides and cut off the extra with my scissors.

I tried to match the pattern while I laid down the 2nd piece, but I stuck it down imperfectly. I tried to pull it up and stick it again but it wrinkled and bubbled the worst. So I say once you stick it down, leave it down!

There were a few bubbles, but I poked a hole in one side with a razor blade and pushed the air out. None of the bubbles have come back.

Vinyl Countertop UpdateVinyl Countertop Update

I put the vinyl down 3 months ago and I have been really pleased at how it cleans up. My kids have spilt so many colored drinks on the counter and it had just wiped off. I am really happy with it! I have to spots on the edge where it has torn because I clipped a lamp to the edge of the counter for better blog pictures. It doesn’t look bad though! I just folded it back. I really think you’d be happy with the results if you put them on your counter tops to!

Vinyl Countertop UpdateVinyl Countertop Update

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  1. I not only did my kitchen countertops, I also did my bathtub/ shower laminate walls that were a horrendous pink color. The marble contact paper is holding up perfectly after one year!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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