Free Graduation Cap Cake Topper SVG/DXF/PNG Files

graduation cap SVG dfx png

Graduation is this week and I have been making so many graduation cake toppers!

This year is extra special since digital learning took over and now we need to celebrate more.

I really want to help all of you celebrate your graduates, so I’m giving away my cut file for free!

The file comes with all you need to make the 3D graduation cap, tassel, and the “congrats” topper. If you are on mobile, you will need to open it in the internet browser for it to not look like a bunch of code.

The cap is easy to make! You just glue the short sides together with the 3 tabs, then fold down the top tabs and glue on the top. I use low temp hot glue. I always line it up so the seam is in the back and the top lays on in a diamond shape instead of a square.

The tassel is cut so that you can roll it around long string section. Then layer and glue the number on. I love to use gold glitter paper for the number to add a little texture to the design. When you glue the tassel to the top, I included a little circle to hide the end of the tassel string. I also bend the “string” part at an angle so the tassel lays correctly.

The word cake topper is included and you just need to cut both sides and glue them around a skewer or toothpick.

If you want to know what products that I use for my cake toppers or more specific directions, my post here will help! It really is easy! I promise.

Here are more pictures from the toppers I made from this pattern.

If you use my cut file, will you please share on Facebook or Instagram? I’d love to share what you’re making!

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