Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath

Hi, I’m Anna. I’m Brenna’s not-so-crafty younger (yet adorable) sister.  My Pinterest boards are overflowing with cute DIY Christmas decorations, but if I’m being honest, I’ve never actually made one 😅.
I have big dreams when it comes to Christmas decorating, but I usually end up buying expensive decorations that leave me feeling guilty instead of joyous. 🤦🏼‍♀️

This year Brenna is helping me avoid my typical decorating mistakes by helping make some of my Pinterest dreams come true!
I texted her asking for her to help update my wreath.

And if you know Brenna, she was eager and willing to help! She made my dreams become a reality—I mean check it out! Who doesn’t love buffalo check? (P.s. that’s a rhetorical question because everyone does!) Here’s a link to a similar ribbon on Amazon! Buffalo Plaid Click Here

Silver Sparkle Click Here

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath

Now I finally get to become one of those cute Christmas DIY decorator girls with a fancy “Pinterest-worthy” wreath on her front door. If you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited about that fact!
And to be frank, it was inexpensive, quick to make, and guilt-free!
Fortunately, I already had this flocked wreath that I had bought last year from Wal-Mart for $10. Last year, I had also bought colorful battery-powered lights to wrap around it—-it kind of ended up looking like Joy’s wall in Stranger Things. If you don’t get that reference, then it looked straight out of the 80’s (and also, go watch Stranger Things). I wish I had a picture, but I’m also kind of glad I don’t. 🙈
Anyways, so I had the flocked wreath from last year ($10). Brenna said that she has found them at JoAnn’s for $3…so definitely shop around. This is a prime example of how I always accidentally spend more than I need to! Here is a similar option from Amazon- Click Here

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath

Then, at Michael’s Brenna found a great deal on these little pokey-out round thing a ma-jigs aka glitter berries. They were only $1 a piece (woot woot!).  Here are some similar from Amazon- Click Here

Then, Brenna found some gorgeous ribbon. Again, that buffalo check has got my mouth dripping with drool…sorry, for the hyperbole—but I’m just a little obsessed.

It was $13!!!!!

Then, Brenna went to work! She literally did it in minutes. She wrapped and weaved the ribbon around the wreath and broke up the glittery berries to give it an even look.

Buffalo plaid Christmas wreath

Doesn’t it look perfect?

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath
Buffalo plaid Christmas wreath

I hope this inspires all of you to make your own Christmas Pinterest-worthy decorations. You could make this wreath or cheek out Brenna’s awesome handmade wooden ornaments 😍😍😍
That might have to be my project next year.
Merry Christmas y’all and happy decorating.
If you have any ideas you need help executing, feel free to reach out to my super-crafty and adorable (but older) sister! 😉

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