Painting a baby crib

My sister had a baby!!!!! Basically the cutest baby ever! I love love love being an aunt and my kids love having new cousins!

My sister got a crib from some friends that had been well used! It was sturdy and it has a really cute shape, but her friend’s baby had chewed up all the sides. Side note: I honestly thought that my baby would NEVER chew on the sides of a crib and only crazy babies did that. Actually, every baby chews on their crib! Teething is the worst!

Here are the before pictures that highlight the damage. It was mostly on the surface.

My sister and I went to the store to see what color we should paint. We wanted to pick a gender neutral color so that she could use it for multiple babies, but the pink paint was impossible to resist!

I washed it with TSP first. I found a box at the home depot and it cleans grease and finger prints off. Just don’t let it get on glass or any item you aren’t planning on painting! Then I painted some Zinsser primer.

The primer coat I painted with a brush

I used spray paint for the pink color because I wanted to get an even coat of paint. I sprayed 2 thin coats on each piece and I used 6 cans of paint to cover the whole thing. I left it out to dry longer because I didn’t want any paint fumes to be left over when I took it in. The baby won’t be sleeping in the crib for a few months, so I am confident that there won’t be any fumes by then!

I love the pink color and I was even more confident in our choice when we added the crib sheet and the blanket over the side!

You can’t even tell it has been chewed on!
Cute sheet is from Target!

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