Faux Wallpaper Accent Wall

I am really loving the look of wallpaper! I wanted to try a faux back splash for my kitchen, but I got distracted by my fireplace wall! I would love for it to be more of a focal point. Here is the picture of when we first got out house. It was very unimpressive and screamed 90’s fabulous with the tiered, rounded, drywall mantle.

First I decided on a pattern inspiration! I decided to make an attempt at a tile pattern that was a narrow, long herringbone pattern.

I got some black paint markers at Walmart and if you are shopping for paint pens make sure that you are buying the marker that will give you the line thickness you want (I choose a bullet tip), and you’ll want to pick one that isn’t oil based. If you do, you’ll probably have to use a primer to be able to cover it up. I don’t have time for that, so this is the kind I bought!

I marked my wall with horizontal lines that were 8 inches apart first (in pencil). Then I marked some vertical lines that were 5 inches apart. I took a paper, folded them in half and cut them to the angle that I wanted the herringbone to be. I held up the pattern where the horizontal and vertical lines intersected. After I had it all marked out with pencil, I wrote over my pencil lines with my paint marker.

I would recommend using a level and a long straight board when you do your paint lines. I didn’t use one for mine and the texture of the wall got in the way! I wish I would’ve used a long, clear ruler so I could get straighter lines.

Here is the final product! I love it, but my husband wasn’t sold! I ended up covering it with some shiplap boards and doing a bigger remodel than I planned. I will share that later because it is so much for one post! I am totally going to try a faux wallpaper again because it looks amazing! Check out this post from Classy Clutter! It’s beautiful! Follow me on Instagram or Pinterest so we can be friends!

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