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My Top 5 Laser-safe Acrylics to Use for Christmas

Christmas season is fast upon us–and if you’re a crafter, you might as well kiss your clean floors goodbye. We all know that Christmas season actually means GLITTER season. IYKYK. But what if I told you that you could get that cute, glittery look without your entire floor, your outfit and your counter space covered with shimmery, irremovable red and gold glitter? Because you totally can! That’s the beauty of laser-safe acrylic. With my top 5 laser-safe acrylics to use for Christmas you’ll bring all that glittery cheer to your crafts without any of the mess! A total win. 

SPOILER ALERT: I currently only use CMB acrylic for all of my crafting needs, and I love supporting a small business. So not to bury the lead, but all of the following acrylics will be from CMB. If you use my affiliate links provided in the post, you will receive 10% off your order! 

So let’s talk about my favorite CMB acrylics for the Christmas and holiday season…

#1 ‘Pastel Party’

Acrylic Present Earrings made with CMB glitter acrylic.

Okay, I get asked about this acrylic all the time–and for good reason, it’s stunning. These presents use my favorite CMB ‘Pastel Party’ acrylic. It has a beautiful dimension and is so festive. Of course, this one doesn’t use the ‘traditional’ Christmas palette, but somehow it’s still always a favorite.  It also pairs well with rose gold acrylic, which is what I used for the topper on these designs.  

Besides these present earrings, I also really enjoy the ‘pastel party’ acrylic on these ornament earrings. You can use this acrylic on whatever you like, and it’s sure to be eye-catching!  

Laser-safe Acrylics to Use for Christmas

#2 ‘Christmas Party’ 

These cute red and multi-colored chunky trees are made with my favorite ‘Christmas Party’ chunky glitter cast acrylic from CMB. This glitter acrylic cuts so well, and it has the perfect Christmas vibe.

Laser-safe Acrylics to Use for Christmas

I love it for all of my Christmas earrings–think bows, presents, and hot chocolate cups. 

Hot Chocolate earring cups made with CMB acrylics

It’s important to keep in mind that these chunkier, glitter sheets are more suitable for small projects like earrings and hair clips. In manufacturing, each sheet becomes slightly warped or bowed because of the glitter. This is to be expected, and it shouldn’t affect your smaller crafts. 

Chunky, glitter acrylic like ‘Christmas Party’ is also thicker than other acrylics, so it’s important to know that it’ll need a double pass if you’re using a GlowForge

The ‘Christmas Party’ chunky glitter is sold out from time to time, but I think this red fine glitter would be a really cute replacement. It doesn’t have as much depth as the Christmas Party acrylic, but is still abundant in Christmas cheer. It also comes in a variety of colors, so you will have several choices! And at this point, I haven’t used a CMB acrylic I didn’t like. 

Laser-safe Acrylics to Use for Christmas

These gold bell earrings are actually using CMB’s gold fine glitter which is very similar to the red glitter suggested above! 

#3 Laser-Safe Acrylics to Use for Christmas: CMB’s Mirrored Acrylics 

For the mirrored gold stars and bows on the christmas tree earrings (pictured above), I used CMB’s gold mirror acrylic sheets. I love the shiny aesthetic, but you need to know that it can be tricky to cut on any mirror acrylic. 

I always cut my mirror acrylic with the dull side up, backwards, and with masking tape on the front. So if you’re cutting mirrored acrylic–don’t forget to mirror your design as well! 

It might have a learning curve, but it’s totally worth the work because it really elevates your designs. Just check out how cute these gold and pink mirrored acrylic earrings and hair clips turned out! Also, do you spy the Rose CMB glitter I used on the castle? I’m obsessed. 

Mirrored Acrylic Magical Earrings
Mirror Acrylic Hair Clip

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#4 Royal Flake 

Laser-safe Acrylics to Use for Christmas

This Royal Flake Glitter gives the PERFECT glistening snow or icy look. I love it for all my Christmas designs including these cute little gingerbread men earrings. It is more see-through than other acrylics, but that’s what I love about it. 

For the bows, I used the teal jelly glitter. There’s a variety of jelly glitter available for your favorite season.

I also used the Royal Flake to create an icy snowflake for these mini ornament earrings here

Laser-safe Acrylics to Use for Christmas

I haven’t done it yet, but I think this would be beautiful acrylic to use for New Year’s Eve earrings! If you decide to use this acrylic or use one of my designs, make sure to tag me because I love to see what you’re creating. 

#5 Laser-Safe Acrylics to Use for Christmas: Matte

Christmas trees made with matte CMB acrylic

One of my other favorite go-to acrylics is literally anything matte. I love it, and I think it gives my creations an unique look. I used the sage green matte for these Christmas trees, but I also think it would look great with any of the matte greens CMB offers. 

You can check out all the matte colors here

These matte colors work great for several seasons. This year, I used several matte colors for my easter projects. 

Laser-safe Acrylics to Use for Christmas
Laser-safe Acrylics to Use for Christmas

My Top 5 Laser-safe Acrylics to Use for Christmas

I love crafting with acrylic all year long, but there’s something magical about recreating the glittery magic of Christmas with my favorite CMB acrylics. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for all of my Christmas craft ideas and more! 

If you make something with CMB acrylic or use one of my favorite Christmas designs, make sure to tag me

Christmas Village made with Laser-safe wood

And of course, if you’re not that big of an acrylic fan (although that’s hard for me to understand–haha) you can also use my designs in your favorite laser-safe wood. I especially love this Christmas village, and I can’t wait to set one up in my house. Happy creating!

This post contains affiliate links. While I only recommend products and services that I truly love, I may benefit financially from any purchases you make.

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