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Thanksgiving Projects to Make with Your Laser

While it’s pumpkin pie and turkey season for some–for me, it’s fall crafting season! Okay, don’t get me wrong. I’m still going to enjoy a nice piece of smoked turkey and a big slice of pumpkin pie (my homemade kind is the best)–but I’m also planning on making some of my fun fall designs. Some of the best Thanksgiving projects to make with your laser this year would be earrings, hair clips, door hangers, and this turkey centerpiece, of course! 

Thanksgiving Projects to Make with Your Laser #1: Earrings 

Earrings are the perfect craft to do with friends or family at a party or after Thanksgiving dinner. Earrings are cheap to make (total scrap-busters), and they’re easy to put together. I love these cute and simple fall leaf designs

Thanksgiving Projects to Make with Your Laser #1: Earrings  

Fall Leaf Earrings: CraftingwithBrenna

Put these earrings out on the table with some paint markers and hooks, and let everyone explore their creativity. 

If you’re looking for something a little more unique to sell at your booth, then you could make these little woodland creatures.  These little woodland creatures are absolutely adorable, easy to put together, and super customizable. 

Thanksgiving Projects to Make with Your Laser #1: Earrings 

Fall Woodland Animals; craftingwithbrenna

If you’re not into craft parties or don’t own a crafting business, then that’s okay. These would also make a great present, or you can gift them to yourself! There’s nothing better than wearing a themed earring to your next get-together. 

The Best Laser Crafts for Thanksgiving #2: Hair Clips

Hair clips are all the rage for laser machines and fashion trends alike. Hair clips are simple to make and a great introductory cut for novice laser users. Of course, even more experienced laser users will find that hair clips can also be great money makers. 

Here’s some of my favorite fall hair clip designs….

Woodland and fall leaf hair clips made with a GlowForge laser machine.
fall leaf hair clips made with a GlowForge laser machine.

These hair clips are the perfect Thanksgiving project to make with your laser! You know what they say, the hair clip makes or breaks the outfit–at least that’s what I say.

If you’re not sure if you’ll like the hair clips for yourself, they’re also really popular among young girls. Sell them at your next craft fair or gift them to your favorite niece for her birthday. The options are endless! 

Another Laser Craft Idea for Thanksgiving #3: Door Hangers

Okay, we all know that door hangers are a popular craft all year long. Before I had my GlowForge, I created several signs on my Silhouette and Cricut machine. There’s just something so festive about themed door decor! 

Thanksgiving Projects to Make with Your Laser: Door Signs

Fall door sign with pumpkins and gourds that says 'Welcome'

Like my other fall designs, these the following two signs also prominently feature woodland creatures. These signs are super easy to make, and they just need your personal touch to make them a sensation. I love how unique these door signs are–and of course, everyone always gravitates towards their favorite animal. 

The squirrel one is great because you can leave it up all fall long. You can leave the owl one up to (obviously), but it would also be great for Thanksgiving day. You can get both the designs here. If you end up making them, make sure to tag me on Instagram

Thanksgiving Projects to Make with Your Laser: Door Signs
Thanksgiving Projects to Make with Your Laser: Door Signs with Woodland animals

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My FAVORITE idea to make for Fall #4: This Turkey Centerpiece

Okay, if you’re going to make any Thanksgiving project with your laser this year–let it be this one! It’s so cute and unique. Perfect for any Thanksgiving day table, plus all the kids are going to love it! 

Turkey Centerpiece for Thanksgiving with lollipops

When I was little, my grandma used to put three candy corns on our plates at Thanksgiving dinner.  Before we could eat, we had to name three things we were grateful for and we used the candy corns to keep track. It always ended with tears and a sense of peace and love–such a great way to start the holiday! 

I think you could recreate a similar activity but by using lollipops. With small lollipops, you can fill this turkey with 40 lollipops. Pass out 1-2 lollipops to each of your guests, and they can fill the turkey feathers with gratitude. They can write on the sticks with a sharpie or go around the table.  Either way, it will help everyone focus on the good that year. 

Or if you have kids, you could write activities of gratitude (like serving others) and pull a stick everyday to do something kind leading up to Thanksgiving. You can also try to ‘fill up’ the turkey throughout the month with gratitude by having your kids write something they’re thankful for on a lollipop everyday leading up to Thanksgiving. Then, you can have “gratitude” as your centerpiece this year! 

I think this is something that not only will sell well, but could bring your family a lot of peace during the chaos of the holidays. 

This specific turkey was made with my GlowForge, but it could work with other laser cutting machines as well. If you want to use small lollipops like me, then this turkey is 7” tall and 13” wide. It has 5 layers for the tail, so it all fits on one 1 ½ GlowForge sized sheets of wood! You can get your cut-file for this turkey here.

I hope you like it! 

Craft with Your Laser All Year Long 

Crafting brings me peace throughout the entire year, and it’s something I really love. I have several other holiday crafts in my Etsy shop that you can check out here

Use your laser to decorate your home all year long. If you’re already beginning to decorate for Christmas, then you might like my Christmas Village that’s available here

Christmas village

I put out new designs every week, and my favorite part is seeing what you create with my designs. If you ever make one of my designs, make sure to tag me or leave me a review on Etsy

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