Heat Transfer Vinyl on a Journal Tutorial

Here is a different, fun way to use Heat Transfer Vinyl! Step-by-step tutorial to make this cute journal.

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How to pick a journal for HTV

First, I found this adorable planning journal at Michaels!

HTV on a Journal Cover

SparkleBerry has some beautiful prints! This planner was on Clearance for just $4! I couldn’t believe it, so I bought it!

One of the special aspects of the journal is that the cover is canvas. That had me thinking that adding Heat Transfer Vinyl to the front would be a fun project. Here is a short video of the process, but keep reading after for all the details!

Design Your Cut File

I typed my favorite inspirational quote in Silhouette Design Space. I get overwhelmed and anxious when I think about big goals, so this quote really helps me remember that even little steps move you forward.

Pick your HTV, cut, then weed

I decided to use some rose gold HTV to match the gold accents on the journal.

HTV on a Journal Cover

When you cut HTV, remember to cut on the matte side instead of the shiny side. Also, you’ll need to make sure to mirror your design! Silhouette Design Space has a mirror tab on the right panel. Cricut lets you choose to mirror in the settings after you hit “Make it”.

Next you need to weed your HTV. I always start at a corner and peel slowly to make sure I got a clean cut.

Iron on your HTV

After you have weeded the vinyl, it’s time to iron it on!

HTV on a Journal Cover

I don’t have a fancy heat press, so I just use my iron on my kitchen countertops. I put the journal down, placed the HTV where I wanted it, then I put a white cotton towel over the top to protect the journal from burning.

When you are at this step, check your vinyl instructions to see what the heat settings are, how long to press and if it is cold peel or hot peel.

If you’re using your home iron, I usually opt for the hottest setting and press for the recommended time.

If you have cold peel htv, the carrier sheet should be peeled off after the item has cooled from pressing. Hot peel should be peeled immediately after pressing. If nothing is specified, I usually just peel it hot because I’m impatient.

HTV on a Journal Cover

That’s all there is to this little project! I am so happy with it! It’s going to be my planner for the next few months and I’m really excited!

Head over to my Instagram page if you have questions about HTV! I’d love to answer them!

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