Silhouette Go VS Cricut Design Space App

Silhouette America just released their new app called Silhouette Go into Beta Testing. In this blog post I’ll go over how to get it and how I think it compares to the Cricut Design Space App.

Benefits of Silhouette Machines and Cricut Machines

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Silhouette Go App- How to find it

If you are a Silhouette fan, you have definitely heard that there is a new app!

Silhouette users have been wanting an app for a long time and finally Silhouette released one for us!

It is still in Beta testing, so you’ll have to download the Test Flight app and then find the Silhouette Go app. (as of Sept 1, 2020) Here is the link

Silhouette Go App
What the link looks like to the Silhouette Go app

What features are available?

Silhouette Go App
Some of my designs in the app

You can see in the photo above the few options for editing your cut files in the app. It also features some of the new cut files in my Etsy shop! You can get the cut files here!

There are just a few options in the Silhouette Go app right now. You can open up cut files from your Silhouette library and arrange them on the screen, then cut them. It is a really easy to follow app with a lot of cues and instructions that make it easy to use.

I am hoping that before they release the whole app that they will add an option to trace to make it easy to make stickers from the app. Right now, there are a lot of steps between designing stickers with the Procreate app, and being able to cut them.

I love the computer software for Silhouette machines! It has so many designing features, but none of them got added to the Silhouette Go app. That is disappointing.

How does it compare to the Cricut App?

Cricut Design Space
Design space for Cricut.

Cricut has created a great app to use with their machines! It works with any Cricut machine with Bluetooth. I have found the Cricut app to have the exact same features that are on their computer version. It makes sticker making so easy! I love that I can take my Procreate drawings and upload them directly into the App! Then I can erase the background and print/cut!

The process for stickers is so simple that I think using a Cricut for making stickers is the best option! Especially if you plan to make an Etsy shop and will need to produce stickers at a higher volume.

I am a Silhouette lover, so it pains me to say that Cricut wins in this category! So if being able to quickly design files on a tablet is important to you, I really recommend a Cricut machine. If you prefer to design on a computer, a Silhouette machine would be best for you.

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