New Fall Cut Files and Stickers

Fall is coming up fast and I really am excited!

Can I help it if I just want a change to something fun this year?

It’s been a year! Plus the temperature where I live has been so hot!

I have a few new files posted in my Etsy shop for August. They echo the excitement that I have for fall to finally be here! As always, the files are made for print and cut and I also have a listing for stickers in case you don’t have a cutting machine.

A new feature with these bundles is that I am offering a glitter laminate on the stickers. Some of the photos below showcase the glitter laminate and I love it! I think that you’ll love it too!

Car Design Stickers

The first bundle I posted is some car themed sticker designs. They are so fun to draw and turned out so cute. The fun fact is that they were all drawn from photos of cool cars that people in my family actually own! My husband owns the green car and it is his dream car. He loves the sticker to go with it!

Floral Design Stickers

Next I have a fall floral bundle. I think the colors turned out so cute together! I love a good floral sticker and I am excited to see where you guys stick these designs!

Doesn’t the glitter laminate look so good on these?!

Fall Themed Sticker Designs

Next I have a fall themed bundle (also with glitter laminate). It features some of my favorite things about fall. I’m brave enough to admit that I love everything pumpkin spice! It’s so good, I don’t know how anyone doesn’t like pumpkin spice. If that makes me basic, then I’m okay with it! You’ll have to tell me in the comments if you love pumpkin spice too!

I am so excited to get these to you guys! I have tried and tested all of the print and cut designs and they turn out so well! If you have a Cricut, you can just open the PNG because I made it with a transparent background. The same can work for Silhouette, but you’ll need to trace the designs and do an offset.

Go buy them in my Etsy shop! Click here

Either way, the designs are easy to use and you won’t need to wait for shipping! Each design bundle is only $2.50, so you’ll save a little money too.

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