4th of July Faux Pocket T-shirt

I am so excited to share my free pocket SVG for the 4th of July! I also have listed all of my friends who are sharing their free cut files too! Yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds!

Do you buy matching 4th of July shirts?

My mom never made us wear matching shirts and I always wanted to match. Once I had kids I wanted to MATCH on Independence day!

A Silhouette machine makes matching so easy! This year I had the idea to make some designs to give a faux pocket look. I like that it is an understated way to match my whole family.

I have this USA block letter pocket that I think is perfect for my son’s shirt. I have some different pocket designs on my Etsy shop that I think will be a good match for the rest of my family.

I am so excited that I wanted to give away this cut file for free!

Click Here to download the file!

I got together with some of my friends to giveaway some amazing cut files for Independence Day! Here are the links to all of their amazing projects. I love all of their cut files and I’m excited for you guys to get all of them!

God Bless America

Freedom and Fireworks

Pledge of Allegiance

Little Firecracker

Free Spirit

Stars and Stripes Heart

Stars and Stripes Fireworks

Patriotic Unicorn

Freedom for All

Love, Peace, and Fireworks

Stars and Stripes Glasses

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