4th of July Berry Wreath

Today I’m going to help you make a 4th of July Berry wreath that is so fun to decorate with for the 4th of July! I couldn’t have made an easier wreath for you to copy! I bet that you could come up with some fun ways to customize it just for you too.

Shopping List

  • 18″ Wire Wreath Form
  • 4-5 Red berry stems
  • 4-5 Blue berry stems
  • 4-5 White berry stems
  • Small Flag
  • Wire cutters

4th of July Berry Wreath Tutorial

First, you will need to cut the berry stems into individual stems. I bought my berries from DollarTree and they had 4 little stems on every piece. I used 4 bunches of each color of berry to get all the way around my wreath. I think 4 will be enough for you, but if you want a few leftover to put in a vase in your house, then get 5 of each.

4th of July Berry Wreath

When all of the bunches were cut up, I started layering the red and white around the circle. I just twisted the wire from the flower around the wire form. I used the middle ring and the inside ring to put the bunches on and left the outside bare. It still looked full and it was easier to hang.

4th of July Berry Wreath

I did a pattern like a flag, so the white and red were in layers and I did an entire 4th of the wreath in the blue berries.

The last ones to go in were a little tricky, but I used some hot glue to old them in.

The last step was to hang it on my front door.


I put the wreath on my front door with an American Flag in the center. It would also look cute with a wood sign, some stars, or an inital for your family.

All finished! 😍😍😍

It could go anywhere inside and it would also look nice as a table centerpiece. You could also get creative and add some sort of bow or ribbon to it. That would look so cute!

When you make one, post a picture to Instagram and share it with me! You can also watch how I made the wreath in TikTok. Yes, I TikTok now.

Thank you for reading!

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