Easy Towel Rack DIY

Here is another project that I made from scrap wood from my garage.

When I was pregnant (2 years ago) my husband woke up, went to the bathroom and started tearing out our blue bathroom tile and cast iron tub. He couldn’t lift the tub and I couldn’t help him so he used a grinder and cut the tub in half to be able to get it down the stairs. Then it sat in our front yard for a few weeks because my husband had a VERY demanding job.

I went a few months with a ripped up bathroom until he was finally able to have time to put in the new (bigger) tub and finish the beautiful, white subway tile. That part of the bathroom got put together, but we still never put a towel rack back up. We just hung our towel over the curtain rod and lived our lives.

I was getting sick of that so a few months ago I ordered some farmhouse hooks from Amazon.Here is the exact ones I purchased.  Other things still took priority, so the hooks just sat in a cupboard.

Just last week, I got the challenge to do a project with scrap wood and I knew this would be a cool project!

I had a 1×6 board that I got weeks ago in the damaged rack at Home Depot for 70% off! I just can’t pass up that kind of deal! I cut the board 24″ and then I had a scrap piece of 1×2 board already 24″ long.

Then I used my nail gun to nail the 1×2 to the top.

Then I stained and sealed it with spray poly.

Then I added 4 hooks to the front.

Farmhouse Towel Rack DIY

To install the towel rack, I found the studs on my bathroom wall and then used a level and marked where I could screw it into the wall.

The measurements for me was 16″ apart, and 2″ stacked. You can see the screws in the final picture.

Farmhouse towel rack DIYFarmhouse Towel Rack DIY


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