Tall Modern Plant Stand

I made a quick project with scrap wood from my garage! I am a hoarder because I love to get my money worth from all my materials. Right now it is also convenient because I can’t go to the store because of social distancing. Stay home people!

I had an idea to make a plant stand for my fiddle leaf fig plant.

Fiddle Leaf Fig plants are so darn cute! I love the shape of the leaves! I’m hoping to be able to keep it healthy.

Tall Plant Stand

I started my project with 2×2 scrap boards. Here is a cut list for you!

  • 4 pieces cut to 24″ long (legs)
  • 3 pieces cut to 9″ long (cross pieces)
  • 2 pieces cut to 3 3/4″ long (cross pieces)

After the wood is cut you can put it together. I used my nail gut to put it together, but screws or some nails and a hammer would work too. Use what you have! That’s the theme of this whole thing.

Take one of the 9″ pieces and both 3 3/4″ pieces and nail them together like an X.

Tall Plant Stand

Then nail the X to the leg pieces about 7″ down from the top. That is the pieces that will hold your plant

Then take the other 9″ pieces and nail them across the bottom starting 5″ up the leg. I stacked the supports at the bottom and then put a few nails down the center too. If you don’t like the look of having the pieces stacked, you can make another X and do that instead. I made this pattern up on the fly, so you can make changes to make it fit what you want!

Tall Plant Stand

I stained it with Aged Wood Accelerator from Varathane. It is the only stain I use now.

Tall Plant Stand

Then I just added my Fiddle Leaf Fig and snapped a picture.

I think my plant likes it!


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