Valentine Door Hanger Tutorial

I have posted a few different wreaths/door hangers here on my blog! You can find them here. Now I get a chance to make a Valentines door hanger! I am mixing my skills of making felt flowers, and wreaths in this post. So hang on tight and check out some of my other posts if you need more information. If you want the pattern for this door hanger, you can buy it in my Etsy Shop!

I first thought to make the base of this heart from wood. Have you ever had a wood wreath? They are so cute, but I hate all the noise they make when my kids slam the door. I also hate how they scratch the paint on my door! I was thinking about another project and got a great idea for what I could use instead!

The base of my door hanger is a heart that I cut out of foam insulation! I had some left over from another project. It is 2 inches thick. You can get some at a home improvement store by all their insulation. I paid $8 for a 4×8′ sheet.

I used a dinner plate to make the bumps on the top of the heart. Then I drew a line down the center and used a ruler to draw the point.

Valentine Door Hanger TutorialValentine Door Hanger Tutorial

When you’re cutting foam insulation, you need to use a razor blade to cut through the top plastic. After that you can break off the outside foam pieces and then use the razor blade to cut through the bottom plastic.

Valentine Door Hanger TutorialValentine Door Hanger Tutorial

One thing I wish I did was paint some primer over the letters at this point, but I didn’t so you can see the letters through the fabric. To get the fabric on, I cut the fabric around the heart with enough fabric to wrap around. I attached with low temp hot glue. I wrapped the fabric by gluing one point on either side to make sure the fabric was right. Then I slowly wrapped around either side to the point, then up around to the top dip. I had to cut a slit at the top so it fit well.

Valentine Door Hanger Tutorial

Next, I used my Silhouette Cameo 4 to cut some felt ribbon, bow, and roses. I am so excited about the colors of felt that they had in stock at my local Joann Fabric so I could get this project finished quickly.

Valentine Door Hanger Tutorial

I then used my hot glue gun to put the flowers together and glue everything to the heart cut out.

To get the heart to stick to my door, I used a piece of felt and two paper clips. I just bent them out and stuck half of them in the foam and hooked the felt to the other side.

Valentine Door Hanger Tutorial

I love how this turned out! I had a vision of an antique chocolate box with all the frilly ribbon and flowers. I think that this fits that idea and also makes it a little more modern.

Valentine Door Hanger TutorialValentine Door Hanger Tutorial

I included the pattern and cut files to my Etsy Shop here if you want to make one just like it!

Valentine Door HangerValentine Door HangerValentine Door Hanger

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