Lazy Mom’s Guide to Kid Valentines Parties

Kid Valentine Party

Kid Valentine Party- Quick and Easy!

Every year I love making valentines with my kids to give to their friends! Three years ago is when we started the tradition of going to the store and getting all the supplies to make as many valentines as we can! Then we sit together and put them all together (stickers, stamps, and candy included). Last year, my daughter was 3 and she was so excited to give out valentines but she had no where to take them.

I reached out to my friends on Facebook and asked if anyone would be interested in coming over to share valentines with us. I had an overwhelming response from other home school moms and toddler moms with the same problem! I was so excited to get together, but I like to avoid extra stress on holidays (lazy mom problems).

This year I am writing down exactly what I did to make this party work with little effort, so you can throw a party for your kids!

Kid Valentine Party

Party Supplies

For this party you’ll need to pick your lazy-mom store of choice! I like Dollar Tree, but nothing is better than Amazon Prime! I also like to order from Joann Fabric online and then pick it up from the store. Joann Fabric has ADORABLE valentine crafts that would be so fun for toddlers! They have llamas and unicorns to paint or you can make your own “love bugs.” We also love the wood masks that the kids can color with crayons!

Here is exactly what I got last year:

  • Valentine Plastic Table Cloth
  •  Brown Paper Bags
  •  Valentine Stickers
  •  Valentine Stamps
  •  Pink Pipe Cleaners
  •  Crayons

Party Plan

When I had friends signing up to come to the party, I made sure to ask how many kids they were bringing. A few days before the party I made sure everyone was still coming and gave a final count of how many Valentines everyone needed.

I had everyone show up at 10am just because it seemed to be the best time to avoid naps for all the toddlers in the group. When people arrived, they sat down at the table (that I covered with the table cloth and spread out the decorating supplies) and each kid got a brown paper bag to decorate. The kids LOVED the stickers and stamps! Every bag ended up just looking like a mess of stickers, but it was fun!

After their bags were decorated, they got to set them up in a circle around my living room. When everyone was ready, we walked around and gave out our Valentines for everyone else!

After the Valentines were out, we sat and opened them! The kids had so much fun opening all candy and then they ran around the house while all the moms got a chance to chat! That’s the best part of the party!

The party only lasted an hour, but I felt good about that because Valentines Day can be so busy! Especially if you have some kids in school and other kids at home.

What I’m changing this year

This year I plan on having some sort of Valentines treat for the moms. I think we deserve it!

Kid Valentine Party

I also plan to get some of the crafts from Joann Fabric or Dollar Tree for the kids to do when they are done with their bags. They are just too cute and my kids have already gotten a few and LOVED them! These “love bugs” are super cute!

Kid Valentine Party

That is all there is to this super easy party! If you have a Valentines Party, I would love to know what you do for yours! Let me know in the comments!

Kid Valentine Party

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