Beginners Guide to Basic Tools

Beginners Guide to Basic Tools
How to get the project you want with tools!

Have you ever wanted to make something, but you didn’t know the exact tool to use to make it?

That is a problem that I’d like to solve for you today! I’m going to tell you what tools I use, how I use them, and where you can get them for a good deal (or even for free)! Should we just jump right in? YA! Let’s go!

After I remind you to ALWAYS wear proper clothes, shoes, and tie your hair back when you use power tools. ALWAYS follow the instructions for your specific tools. Don’t be dumb.

Basic Tool #1- Silhouette Machine

If you like making cute things with paper and you like customizing items, then a Silhouette Cameo is for you! I did a whole post about how you can use your Silhouette machine and you can find it here.

If you don’t have the cash to buy one, or you want to try it out first, check with your local library! My library has several machines that you can go in a use.

Basic Tool #2- Saw

If you want to do any wood project, you’ll obviously need a saw! I have a 10″ Miter Saw and a scroll saw. A miter saw is the saw with the big round blade and you lay your wood underneath the blade and bring the blade down to cut the wood. It is awesome for straight cuts and angled cuts. I use it mainly to cut wood for signs and frames. It is also the saw I used to make my shiplap wall (you can see that here).

Before I had my miter saw, when I wanted to make signs, I would always have the workers at Home Depot cut them for me! That is always an option as long as you only need straight cuts.

Beginners Guide to Basic Tools

A scroll saw was added to my tool collection on a whim. I was  wanting to make cute wood ornaments that weren’t just squares. I was scrolling on Facebook and there was one for sale in the marketplace for $40! I have LOVED my scroll saw! It opens up so many possibilities! I made some baby teething toys (linked here) that my baby loved! I have plans this Christmas to make some cute puzzles and some 3D ornaments with it. If you want a scroll saw, I highly recommend Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. I think a lot of people get a scroll saw for a hobby and then when they don’t use it, they sell it for a steal of a deal!

Beginners Guide to Basic Tools

Basic Tool #3- Brad Nailer

Now that you cut the wood apart, you have to put it back together! When I first wanted to make my first wood signs, I had to buy a brad nailer first! I guess I could’ve used a hammer and nails, but a brad nailer made it so much faster! I use 1 1/4″ finishing nails for pretty much all of my projects. I got mine at Home Depot and I am sure that you could find an amazing sale for one on Black Friday! A brad nailer has to have an air compressor to work to, and I know those go on sale at Black Friday!

Non-Basic Tool Addition- Wood Lathe

Just last weekend I found a wood lathe on sale on Craigs List! A wood lathe is a tool that turns wood while you use special wood chisel to shape the wood. Wood Lathes are very expensive and I am still learning how to use the chisels to get the look I want. I am going to write a post about how to use a lathe as soon as I feel like I have a project worth sharing.

Beginners Guide to Basic Tools
Wood Lathe Chisels

Wood Lathe Chisels

Where to find them for cheap or free?

If you are really wanting to learn to use tools to create something you love, look around your community and see if there are any classes available! I know in my small town the local college has some community classes, the rec center has some classes, and a wood shop teacher from the local high school teaches classes. The local libraries have a “maker space” where you can use Silhouette machines, CNC cutting machines, 3D printers, and sewing machines! If I can find that many resources in my small town, I know you can find some in yours too!

Do you have any questions about tools and where to find them?

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