Shrink Film Child Silhouette Necklace DIY

Before I jump into the craft, have you guys ever searched shrink plastic and seen all the AMAZING things people do with it? You haven’t… I have! There are so many amazing projects out there people have made with shrink plastic! If you haven’t used it before, it is basically a sheet of plastic that you draw on and cut, then you put it in the oven and it shrinks! It’s necessary to turn the light on the oven and sit there and watch it curl up and shrink! I crossed my fingers that I could be almost as cool as some of the other people on Pinterest!

To start you need shrink film. This is the kind I got at Joann Fabric with a coupon!

Then I took pictures of my kids from the side! Try to get one where the line on the head/face is clear.

I put the pictures in the lightroom app so that I could make the shape of their heads really clear. My dream was to trace it in Silhouette studio and cut it out with my Silhouette, but that took so much time!

I decided that I would put them in word and size them down to the size I needed them to be. The shrink plastic will go down to half it’s size when you bake it, so I made each head about 2 inches long. Then I put the shrink film over the top and traced it with a permanent marker.

Then I cut them out with scissors and filled in them in with permanent marker.

Here they are on some parchment paper about to go in the oven. The hole on the top was made with a regular hole punch! Then you follow the directions on the shrink film you choose!

Here they are after they got out of the oven! You can see by the marks on the parchment paper how small they got! They were so cute! Then I put some metal rings through the hole and put them on a necklace chain.

I’m very happy with how it turned out! I’m excited to wear it on Sunday! That’s my dress up day!

If you like this necklace, please pin it on Pinterest! If you decide to make it, TAG ME! I’d love to see what you’re making!

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