How to Engrave a Ceramic Pot

A few weeks ago, I bought a succulent! My very first one ever! I am usually a plant killer, so I avoid any living plants. I feel like my luck will change with this little guy though!

Here he is! He is just tiny right now, but I hope he will grow big enough that I will be able to put him in a new pot! I might even go get a few more if this works out!

I’ve had a black pot at my house that I love, but it is a little plain. I thought I could make it look cuter with a rotary tool that I got from Harbor Freight. It was only a $6 rotary tool, so I wanted to see if it would work well. I needed to get my whole $6 out of it! Here is a picture of the pot before.

It’s in my lap in the picture, so you also get to see my crafting shorts and my shirt

I printed out some words and traced them onto the pot. I decided an “I will survive” sentiment was most appropriate for any plant at my house. Then I pulled out the rotary tool with a diamond bit on it and tried to etch it.

It looked like this after one pass with the diamond bit. I was pretty happy with it, but when I washed it you couldn’t see it as well. I kept trying to make it darker, but it wasn’t dramatic enough so I decided to try some paint. If I could go back in time, I probably would’ve left it alone.

I didn’t leave it alone though. So I put paint on and I have horrible free-skills. I am not 100% happy with how it looks now, but it will look good in my window and will be cute with some succulents!

The words have a rustic, hand painted look to them. That’s in, right?!

Hopefully my succulent survives to be potted in here!

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