Old Dresser Update

My husband and I were able to get a dresser for free from my husband’s parents! I was so excited to get this home and make it new! I had dreams of painting the body of the dresser, and leaving the drawers natural! My husband wanted to restore it instead. I decided since he usually goes with my decor ideas, that this time I would let him decide. Here are some before pictures.

You can see that there was a lot of damage to the top! It was really sad! The cool thing is someone wrote June 9th, 1958 on the back. I have no idea what makes that date special, but it says to me that it was at least around then! That’s pretty cool to me! So we sanded and sanded and sanded! Then we stained it and added lacquer. After it dried, we had white spots on the top because of moisture in the lacquer. So we sanded and sanded and lacquered it again!

Here is a picture of it all finished! I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Here is a close up of one of our wedding pictures and the cute tractor my husband got from his grandpa… just because they’re cute!

We are going to use this dresser in our room and then move an old laminate dresser to our baby’s room. That is begging for a coat of paint, so stay tuned for that! Please feel free to share my post!

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  1. Wow Brenna. This really did turn out beautiful. I love the variety of your crafts. Fun, quick, and easy to amazing and talented antique updates.

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