How to add HTV to Stuffed Animals

After I got my Silhouette machine 2 years ago, I found a tutorial on Silhouette School about how to add HTV to the belly of dollar store stuffed animals. I decided that I needed to add some to bunnies for my kids’ Easter baskets! Below you can see how those turned out!

Sorry the picture isn’t the best!

My kids LOVED them! They still have them and the HTV looks great! More recently, I have added names to the foot of some big teddy bears for baptism gifts. The kids that I gave them to loved them too! It made a 5 dollar teddy bear feel so special!

I decided that since Easter is coming up so quick (what happened to March?!), that I would add on some ideas to the Silhouette School tutorial so you can add HTV to any stuffed animal you want!

So if you have a Silhouette, read on! If you don’t have one, follow me on Facebook and send me a message and we can figure out a price for me to cut them for you! I would love send some HTV cut and ready and you can iron it onto a stuffed animal to match the perfect Easter basket you already put together for your child (or will put together the Friday before Easter, like me)!

These cute little animals don’t even know what’s coming…

First I had to cut out some HTV! I went into Silhouette Studio and typed in my kid’s names and picked out the fonts. When you choose, it has to be a thicker font so that the HTV sticks well! Picking the font is probably the longest part of this project! Then you mirror the image (so they are backward) and send it to cut.

These are the fonts that I choose for my project
Here is what the vinyl looked like after it was cut and weeded

The next step is to get out your iron and make sure all the water is gone. Then turn it on to the cotton setting (check your htv for exact heating/peeling instructions). I always put down 2 towels on my counter and iron them on there. You need a firm surface because the HTV needs pressure to be able to stick to the animal.

When you’re picking a stuffed animal, you need to find one that has an area where it isn’t super stuffed and where the fur is short. That will be the best place for the HTV to stick.

I decided to put the HTV on the foot of the sheep because the fur is short and it isn’t very thick. Then I put a thin, cotton fabric over the top (so the lamb wouldn’t burn) and pressed down HARD for 20 seconds. Then I peeled the carrier sheet off.

For the bear, I decided to use some glitter HTV and place it on it’s belly. it also would’ve been cute on the bottom of his foot because you can see it when he sits. I followed the same steps as above to apply the HTV. He was a little more stuffed, so I pressed really hard! Sorry sweet bear!

The dog (he is from Ikea) is bigger and more stuffed all over, so I decided the perfect spot would be on his ear! I had to fold his ear out and put the towel over all of him so that the iron wouldn’t burn his head from the side.

This is such a fast project and had such a cute result!

All of them finished!

I will probably end up doing some HTV stuffed animals again for my kids’ Easter baskets! My daughter was so excited to see her dog that she brought down all her stuffed animals to “get stamps too.”

If you want these for your kids (or grandkids), let me know on Facebook or Instagram!

Easter is coming up! Go over to my blog to see the cute, personalized stuffed animals that I made for my kids!

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