Glass Etched Mugs

I am back with the result of the glass etch mugs!

I love how they turned out! If you missed my first glass etching post, you can find it here. They were at a local thrift store and I was so excited to find a whole set!

Here is the before picture, with price tags! They are nice, big mugs! The kind that are perfect for eating ice cream or cold cereal out of!

I washed the cups and then designed a cement tile like design in Silhouette Studio. Then I cut the design and weeded it so it can work like a stencil.

The vinyl cut and weeded with a design I created myself!

The picture above is the design where I used masking tape as transfer tape. I usually use transfer paper, but it is more expensive than masking tape and does the same job! It also can take longer to use transfer paper for this project because I would need to cut it into strips, but masking tape is already in perfect strips! So if I’m doing a project where I can use masking tape, I do!

One mug ready, five more to go!

After I applied the vinyl, I added masking tape to the top and bottom so that the etching cream wouldn’t accidentally get where I didn’t want it. Then once all the cups were ready, I painted on the etching cream with a paint brush.

Vinyl on ready for etching cream
Close up of the etching cream applied and a good look at the design

After I applied the etching cream, I waited 15 minutes and washed it off! Here is the end product!

Proof I etched all of them
up close
After, with some hot chocolate for the rainy day we are having here!
I hope you like these as much as I love them!

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  1. What a cute idea. These turned out so darling. I love the use of masking tape to show money saving options.

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