Folding Chairs Makeover

One store that I love is Restore! It always has a lot of materials that make for some good crafts! Sometimes I go there to look around, and sometimes I go with an idea in mind.

About a week ago, I went to Restore looking for folding chairs. I am so grateful to have a house that is big enough for entertaining our family, but the problem I have when we have guests is not having enough chairs. I was sick of it, so I decided today was the day to fix it!

Lucky for me, chairs were on sale at Restore. I found 3 black folding chairs for $12! I then my kids and I went to Home Depot and got some spray paint. I decided on a Rose Gold Rust-oleum spray paint and a Teal-Blue color. The paint was roughly $15. I don’t remember the exact amount because every time I go to Home Depot, my kids HAVE to have suckers, and I’m a pushover.

First, I had to wash them and roughed up the surface with a fine steel wool.

Second, I took the back off the chairs and I sprayed them with Rose Gold and the blue paint.

Third, after they dried, I put them back together and added some rose gold vinyl decals. I have a Silhouette machine and I love the custom details I can add to projects like this!

Here are the before and after pictures!

Before. This was after I washed them. They were really faded! Probably from being stored outside.
After. I love how they turned out!
Also, you get to see my sweet dog! She follows me around and hangs out wherever I am.

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