Pasta Jar Makeover

I really wish my house could be totally decorated in a farmhouse style, with just a little french influence! I have scrolled Pinterest looking at the perfect shelves with all white dishes arranged on it and I knew I needed one in my kitchen!

My husband was sweet enough to put up some floating shelves for me a year ago when we took down some cabinets (maybe I’ll share pictures of that next). I quickly went to the store and found a few white pitchers and made a sign to add a little color. I thought I was finished. Then today…

This pasta holder jumped out at me! Little house shaped decorations are popular right now and SO cute! I knew this had potential.

Before picture featuring a 2 dollar price sticker on the top

The first step was to wash it. It was sticky and greasy (like second-hand kitchen items tend to be). It also had 4 large hot glue spots on the sides I had to pick off. What was the hot glue for? I guess it will forever be a mystery!

The second step was to take it outside with some white Rust-oleum spray paint. I used the paper that the store wrapped it in underneath to block the over-spray.

Still got some paint on the cement… sorry Kenton

I had to be careful not to miss any spots because the bushes/flowers on the side had a lot of texture. That is all there was to it though! I let it dry outside and brought it in to it’s new home!

Shout out to the person who donated this to make my shelf so pretty!
I am hoping that I can add a little more color somehow, but I like to wait for the exact right thing to come along.

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  1. I would have never thought to just spray paint something like that but it looks darling!! Now I want to go thrifting.

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