Free BBQ Cut File

If you love a good Bachelorette reference and a free BBQ cut file, then this giveaway is for you!

Free BBQ Cut File

Do you remember when Claire was the Bachelorette and she left, then they got Tayshia. One of the guys claimed another guy was being disingenuous because he was using the same words to describe Tayshia as he used to describe Claire. So that guy decided to call Tayshia a “smoke show.”

What does it mean?

From what I can tell, it just means she’s good looking. 😂

I thought it would be great for my free BBQ cut file this month because it works for smoking meat too!

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After you download my free file, go and download the files from my friends! They all have such great cut files available and you’ll love them!

Look at them! So cute!

Free BBQ Cut File

Happy Crafting!

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