How to Dye Wood Flowers

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Have you ever had a vision for a wreath or for a bouquet but you couldn’t make it happen because you couldn’t the the flowers in the colors that you need? I definitely have been in that spot before! Luckily for me, I found Sola Wood Flowers. They have wood flowers that are primed to dye any color you want! They have so many color options on their website and they even have some cute color combinations you can buy!

I am going to show you today how to dye them with a few tips and tricks that I found to be helpful.

Supplies you need to dye wood flowers

Dye wood flowers

Steps to Dye

1- Get your flowers and your dye out of the box. I organized my flowers by type so that I could make sure I had the flowers in the colors I wanted. Here is what the flowers looked like before they were dyed.

2- Next you need to put water in your bowl. I have a paper bowl pictured, but it soaked through and I had to switch to a plastic bowl. When you’re adding water to the bowl, keep in mind that the more water that you add, the lighter the color the flowers will be. I added a little over a cup of water to my bowls.

dye wood flowers

3- Add the dye and stir. All the dye will settle at the bottom, so you’ll need to scrape the bottom of the bowl. If the dye sits for about 10 minutes without being used, you’ll need to stir it again because the dye will settle at the bottom again.

Dye tip- the dye is kind of thick. In order to get all the color out of my bottles, I dumped out all the dye in my bowl. Then I used my stirring spoon and put water in the dye bottle. I then put the lid back on and shook the bottle. Then I easily dumped all the dye out into my bowl.

4- If you don’t want to get your hands dyed, get your plastic gloves on now because it’s time to dip the flowers in the dye.

I dipped mine by putting the flower in and then turning it like a wheel. Now will also be when you can move the pedals around to make the flowers look how you’d like. As you move the flower pedals, you’ll see some spots that didn’t get dyed. That’s okay, just dip that part again.

5- Now is when you’ll need the paper towels and cookie sheet. I put two layers of paper towels down on the cookie sheet and that’s where I put my wet flowers to dry.

Here what my flowers looked like while they were drying.

They turned such beautiful colors! I am obsessed with all of them!

To get them ready to use in a fall arrangement, I decided to use bamboo skewers. Sola has some on their website that you can buy, but I just used some I already had.

The bamboo skewers have a pointy end and I just used that pointy end and slowly twisted it into the back of the flower. Below is the before and the during photo. It has worked so well and if you need something a little more sturdy, you can add some hot glue to tack it.

dye wood flowers
dye wood flowers

Now they are all ready to arrange and I am excited to give you guys my best tips for arranging. Come back next week to get them! Here’s my link to Sola Wood Flowers so you can arrange along with me!

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