Create a Greeting Card: Step-by-step

It’s the season for greeting cards and I am excited to show you how to make your own! Here you’ll find a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own.

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Create a Greeting Card

Step 1- Design your Greeting Card

I design my cards in the app Procreate. I have some of my designs posted in my shop that you can go purchase and use. If you purchase a design, skip to step 2. If you want to create your own design in Procreate, keep reading.

Design your cover. You’re the artist and I’m sure it will look amazing!

When you’re done, go click the wrench in the top left of the screen. Hit the Add button and find Copy Canvas at the bottom of the menu.

Create a Greeting Card

Now click back to the gallery.

In the top right, hit the plus sign.

Create a Greeting Card

This menu will open and Procreate has a canvas already set up to be the size of a standard sheet of paper.

Once the new canvas is open, you can hit the wrench symbol again and hit paste.

Now you need to arrange the design on the page. Here is mine. I always make the covers aligned to the right, so that the cards open correctly.

Create a Greeting Card

Step 2: Gather your supplies

To actually assemble the cards you’ll need:

Cardstock 100lb-120lb paper works great

Printer- This is the one I have

Paper cutter– The fold out ruler is the best!

Score Board with bone folder


Trimmer and score board combo

Step 3: Assembling the Cards

Now that the card is designed, you can print them!

I always change the print settings to make sure they are the highest quality print.

Once the cards are printed, you’ll need to use the paper cutter to cut down the center of the paper. Mine has a ruler that flips out, so I can measure to make sure I am cutting right down the center of the paper. I highly recommend finding one that has the ruler! It has been my favorite feature and I use it all the time!

Create a Greeting Card

After the cards are cut, I use the score board to make a nice, smooth fold down the middle. If you want a really nice looking card, the score board and bone folder are absolutely necessary.

Create a Greeting Card
Create a Greeting Card

Here is a quick video of me assembling my cards.

If you make some cards, I would love to see them! Come hang out with me on TikTok or Instagram!

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