How to use Clear Vinyl for Stickers

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In this post, you’ll learn which clear vinyl is used for, which products you can trust, and my tips and tricks for applying it. It’s a lot of information, so I’m going to jump right in!

What Project to use Clear Vinyl

You’ll want to use clear vinyl on any project where you want to protect the colors of the vinyl.

That means you ALWAYS need to use clear vinyl over a printable vinyl if you want the colors to stay. Even patterned vinyl needs a clear laminate over it to help the color stay longer.

Another instance when you would want to use a clear vinyl would be if you have a vinyl decal with small, intricate pieces. The clear vinyl can go over the top and help keep the small cuts from peeling up.

What Clear Vinyl Should I use?

I have seen so many posts about what clear vinyl people are using to laminate printed stickers. Here are my recommendations.

I am also looking forward to trying a sparkle laminate vinyl that is on it’s way.

You want to find something with a good adhesive and is really transparent. I’m not a fan of using Contact paper because the adhesive is removable and it’s kind of cloudy. It is also important to use a UV protective vinyl if you plan to make stickers for outside. There is a great one at Expressions Vinyl that is UV protective, but it is more expensive.

Tips for Applying Clear Vinyl

1- Don’t put it over the registration marks.

The sheen of the clear vinyl will make it hard for the cutting machine to read the registration marks. That can lead to your stickers being cut a little off or not cutting at all.

You can save it by putting matte tape over the top of the registration marks or cutting in the dark.

2- I apply the clear vinyl by folding down an inch of the backing. I line up the clear on top of the printed sheet. Then I stick down the inch that I folded down and pull out the backing.

I have a video on TikTok where I share exactly how I do it. Click play below to see!

If you have any sticker making questions, ask them in the comments!

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  1. That’s good to know that the clear vinyl will add a protective layer for the colored vinyl. I wouldn’t want the stickers to get faded by the sun or anything if I was to have some printed off, so that’s good to know. I’ll make sure to ask about clear vinyl if I decide to have someone print some stickers for a bakery that I am thinking about starting next year.

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