Scroll Saw Sign Tutorial

Have you seen the cute baby name signs where the letters are raised above the rest of the sign?

They are so popular right now, so I looked it up on Instagram and found so many people making signs with their scroll saws that are so cute! I really wanted to make one, so I started by making a simple one with the UP house for showcasing smashed pennies. I got the outline of the house and cut it with my scroll saw and then used vinyl over the top. Here are some before and after photos of that sign.Scroll Saw Sign TutorialScroll Saw Sign TutorialScroll Saw Sign Tutorial

Before I get too far, PLEASE make sure you are safely using your scroll saw! Wear protective glasses! A blade can break and there is tons of saw dust and you need to protect your eyes! Obviously, be very careful so you end your project with all your fingers.

What is a Scroll Saw?

A scroll saw is a type of saw that can be used to make intricate designs in wood. If you google scroll saw projects, you can find so many cool ones! You can see what my scroll saw looks like in the video below.

I got my scroll saw from Facebook Marketplace for $40. It was a really good deal! I wish I knew then to look at what kind of blades it took. Mine takes pin end scroll saw blades. Pin end blades are bigger than straight end scroll saw blades, so they can’t make small turns as well.

Another helpful feature to look for in a scroll saw is some of them have a blower to get rid of saw dust so you can see your lines better.

How to use the scroll saw for a sign.

First, I used my scroll saw to cut a circle from 1/2″ plywood. I marked the lines by using a pencil and string. Scroll Saw Sign Tutorial

It was not perfect, so I had to remark the lines and cut again. Then I stained the wood with my favorite Aged Wood Accelerator.

Scroll Saw Sign Tutorial

Then I used my Silhouette to cut vinyl and I put it on some plywood. Then I used my scroll saw to cut the letters out. I made a video of me cutting out the letters. I can really see in the video how my scroll saw travels. That is obviously no good! So if you get a scroll saw, you should definitely make sure it doesn’t!

If you watch to the end, you get to see the cursive letters break to pieces! I was so sad! Luckily, wood glue exists! I was able to glue it back together and paint it!

Here is what it looks like with the letters all cut!Scroll Saw Signs

I am so excited to get the letters painted and get them secured to the circle! I am going to use a little hot glue and wood glue to secure it to the board after the paint dries.

The little baby that it’s going to is going to be so so cute! I want to have it done before he gets here!

Scroll Saw Sign Tutorial

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