Merry Mail Sign Tutorial

Do you love getting Christmas cards as much as I do? I love opening all the cards and seeing beautiful pictures of all the people I love! I do wonder what to do with them after I open them though.  I have some kitchen shelves that I sometimes put them on, but it can looked cluttered. I try to tape them to the wall, but then I spend every morning re-sticking the ones that fell.

Merry Mail Christmas Sign TutorialWhen my friend, Shana, sent me this idea I thought it was brilliant! She found a board that had some string attached to it and you clip your Christmas cards on! It would be so fun to pull out every year! The downside, is they are REALLY expensive! Like $60 expensive!

I’m just not going to pay that for 2ft of pine. No way, no how!

So I used a 24″ piece of fence board that I had leftover from another project. I painted it white, but I didn’t use a ton of paint because I wanted it to look really rustic. The fence boards are super easy to make look antique and rustic. I just dabbed the paint from the bottle on the board and then smeared it around until it looked good.

Merry Mail Christmas Sign Tutorial

After the paint dried, I used some black glitter adhesive vinyl and cut out the Merry Mail Vinyl. You can get a cut file I made with Merry Mail Here! I peeled the backing off of half of the vinyl and placed it down to make sure I had it on straight. Then I peeled the backing off the second half and stuck it down.

Merry Mail Christmas Sign Tutorial

Next, I cut 4 strings to 3 feet long. I used my heavy-duty stapler to attach the strings at 3″, 9″, 15″, and 21″. This way they were equal distance apart. To hang the sign, I stapled the plaid ribbon to the back above the 2 outside strings (so at 3″ and 21″).

Merry Mail Christmas Sign Tutorial

Then it was done! It was really fast, and easy!

I love doing projects for my friends, and this would make a really great Christmas gift for your card-loving friends!

Merry Mail Christmas Sign Tutorial

Here is where you can buy my Merry Mail cut file!

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