Non-slip Fabric Bows

I have 2 girls and I know the bow struggle! I buy bows with headbands and they slip down or squeeze their head and leave marks. My husband takes them off every chance he gets because he thinks headbands are torture. Then there are bow clip problems! I can barely get my girls to let me clip a bow in once, so if it moves or falls out I’m out of luck! I decided that I needed to make a bow that would stay and work for all ages.

Supplies to start

What fabric to buy for bows

I always look for fabrics with a small print or solids. I usually buy cotton fabric or jersey fabric. Quilters fabrics usually have a lot of small pattern prints. I have always found the best deals on fat quarters or on fabric in the remnant bin at Joann Fabrics. If you are looking for some unique fabrics, I love to check with the small quilt shops in my small town! They usually have the cutest fabrics, but they are a little more money.

How to put the bows together

I start by cutting a rectangle and a tiny rectangle. Think of the size you want your bow and double the measurements for the rectangle that you cut. I take out my fabric glue (you can see it in the video) from Joann Fabric. I use that to hold the fabric together. I fold the long sides (hot dog style) and glue it together and then I fold the open ends to the middle (hamburger style). Then I fold it down the middle like an accordion and glue the middle around. If this just make you so confused, watch the video!

The non-slip bow clip

I have tried so many clips, but the best one I’ve found so far are clips that are usually on hair extensions. I got mine off of Amazon. They have holes on either side, so I used an needle and thread to sew the clip on. I feel like it will hold the best. Then when I was done sewing, I used a little fabric glue on my thread to make sure it is secure. These bows are so stable and stay in for so long! I even tested them on my baby niece’s newborn hair and they stayed in place! Guys, she has barely any hair and they stayed in! I’m so impressed! No more using petroleum jelly to make those adorable newborn bows stick!!!!! This is life-changing! Okay, not really, but pretty much.

That’s all there is to it! Watch the video and please share this post with your friends on Instagram or Pinterest!

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