Shiplap Fireplace and Mantle Makeover

One of my goals is to share my DIY failures as well as my DIY successes! This just happens to be both! I have wanted my fireplace to stand out, so I painted the wall white and did pattern on the wall with a paint marker.

After pattern

I loved the pattern, but my husband didn’t! He said it looked like a spider web. My sister thought the same.

My husband said he would rather have shiplap on the wall, so I headed to Home Depot and got the supplies!

I ended up demolishing a level of the tiered mantle to bring everything down a little. I basically just got a hammer and carefully pulled it apart. Demo is pretty fun! The clean up after is not.

Beginning of demo
Middle of demo
Top tier all gone

For the mantle, I cut one board the length of the existing mantle (to be the top piece), then I cut 2 pieces at 11 3/4 to be the side pieces. I nailed those to the end of the long board. Then I marked and cut a long board to be the face. That way there aren’t any seams toward the front.

Mantle before staining

Then I started cutting the shiplap boards to size. I started at the top because it is way more visible than the bottom pieces. I cut it a little shorter than the wall so there would be room for the trim on the sides.

I nailed them to the wall and once it was all up I filled the nail holes with caulk. After the caulk was dry, I painted and we finally screwed the mantle down into the old one!

Here is the final product! I LOVE it! I think it’s the perfect mix of modern farmhouse! Luckily, my husband likes it too! If he didn’t, he’d be out of luck because I’m not changing it for a long time!

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