Cherry Wood Ring DIY

I was searching through ideas on Pinterest on what I could make with my scroll saw, and I saw a image of a wooden ring. I have always thought making a ring would be so fun, but forming the metal is kind of terrifying to me! I hope one day I’ll get over that fear (probably when I can afford the tools to actually do it). So since I happen to have a scroll saw and some scrap pieces of cherry wood from my teething toys (that post here), I gave it a try while my baby took her afternoon nap.

To start, I took my ring and drew and inside circle. Then I drew a circle around that. I had to drill a few holes in the middle so that I could get the scroll saw blade in to cut the center hole.

After the center was cut, I cut around half of the outside. I then turned it on it’s side and cut it twice to create 3 layers of wood. That made my ring 1/4 inch tall.

Then I finished cutting around the outside circle. This gave me 3 really rough looking rings.

I used my 6 dollar rotary tool from Harbor Freight to sand all around the outside and the inside of the ring and it really took shape at this point!

Then I used some 220 grit sandpaper to get rid of some sanding marks and then I used some really fine sandpaper after that to make it look smoother. The rotary tool came in handy again so that I could polish it!

I like how it turned out! I think it would look even better if I could add some wood burning details next! If I make another, I will try to make it a little thicker so I could sand it better and prevent breakage.

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